Proceeding Book: 2022 Proceedings of International E-Conference on Mathematical and Statistical Sciences: A Selcuk Meeting
                                   ISBN: 978-625-00-9195-1

The deadline for full text submissions to the proceedings book is 10.10.2022. The format file is available here and it should be submitted to

Special issues of the following peer-reviewed international journals dedicated to the Conference will be published:

  1. 1. Carpathian Mathematical Publications (E-SCI)
    Guest Editor: Tuncer Acar
  2. 2. Complex Manifolds (E-SCI)
    Guest Editors: Özlem Acar, Tuncer Acar
  3. 3. Dolomites Research Notes on Approximation (E-SCI)
    Guest Editor: Tuncer Acar
  4. 4. Istatistik Journal of The Turkish Statistical Association (MathSciNet)