The Conference features two main sessions, Mathematics and Statistics, and six sub-sessions totally. Each session will be held on different days and selected papers could be presented in the corresponding session. For paper selection to sessions Scientific Committee will propose at least two referees. The registration form asks you choose a session.

List of Sessions


  • S1: Algebra and Applied MathematicsOrganizer: Kemâl Aydın, Aynur Yalçıner
  • S2: AnalysisOrganizer: Tuncer Acar
  • S3: Geometry and TopologyOrganizer: Özlem Acar, Dilek Söylemez Özden


  • S4: Actuarial Science Organizer: İsmail Kınacı
  • S5: Applied Statistics Organizer: Kadir Karakaya
  • S6: Statistical Theory Organizer: Coşkun Kuş