In Europe, your leave a bag somewhere, or your own budget at a bar, and you will simply never find it once more

Absolutely something that We haven’t viewed discussed and is somewhat very similar to the personal confidence mentioned previously : the comparative difference in pickpocketing / theft. Visitors just seem to have their vision available for an easy rating; and anybody could have spied they and grabbed they no matter.

In the U.S. its more than likely that somebody will switch it in, or figure out an easy way to send it back. published by stratastar at 8:54 PM on [1 preferred]

“Pants”, “knickers”, “suspenders”, “engaged” (wrt phone calls): all terms which exposure a leap into a tar pit of humiliation for Brits speaking with Americans – or vice versa.

Large state-by-state differences in the knowledge of “in terms of the attention can see”: examine Montana with Iowa for example.

The relative shittiness of broadcast media in rural places (inside UK, for instance, we could get the exact same national radio station as we push about any area of the nation – with automated flipping between transmitters). In america the cool channels apparently disappear to static and psychopathic talk radio jointly minds when it comes down to wild blue yonder. uploaded by rongorongo at 9:16 PM on [1 favorite]

Last week we watched a motorist in Houston curling the girl eyelashes and chatting on her behalf mobile in addition. My local host said she actually is seen the many amazing quantity of texting whilst driving since she’s lived indeed there, and pointed out the ‘no texting’ signs with sprung up on the edges of highways.

Touring from Europe to NY, I found myself gobsmacked from the filth and poor repairs for the subways. It is like the bowels of some under developed my own after the swish, thoroughly clean, decorated, really finalized subways of Paris.

Even London gift suggestions a ‘face’ to neighbors and visitors that reflects the town and existence around it – anything missing from the NY subways

“jeans”, “knickers”, “suspenders”, “engaged” (wrt calls): all terms which exposure a leap into a tar pit of humiliation for Brits talking to Americans – or the other way around.

Make sure you remember “fanny”. I’ll never your investment energy when an income assistant and that I were paid off to a heap of helpless, tears-running-down-our-faces-and-unable-to-speak kuuma Egyptin tyttГ¶ mirth in a women’s clothing store in Guildford when my personal American friend mentioned she did not know very well what UK proportions she got, but she realized she got a huge fanny. submitted by essex [4 preferences]

– When Us americans tell you a tale regarding their youth they rarely show just what their age is at committed, for example “whenever I got seven, I. “. Alternatively they will say “in sixth-grade, I. “. As a Brit, i’ve not a clue just what meaning and so have to ask what age they were.

– Extremely high standards for the majority things; their particular provider, their own car. A failure to see exactly how terrible television information will be the purpose that we sound like a foil cap dressed in conspiracist. The low-level of dislike of people from southern if you live in on urban centers, and vice versa.

All made up for half-and-half creamer

– There’s in fact a big change in explaining freeways, like an indigenous Los Angeleno will state “take the 101” whereas a northern Californian will state “take 101” – this may appear trivial, but i’ve seen enthusiastic viewpoints over this.

– This could be L.A. definite, but there’s quite a lot of organic racial segregation. I’ve been to operate people the spot where the grayscale group assemble by themselves into individual side. White people in LA will hardly accept that southern area Los Angeles is out there.

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